Friday, April 24, 2009

I made these last night. I like them very much.

I really like doing crafty things, with stamps and stickers and such.

I'm like a month-ish away from the wedding, and I still need to write my vows. Here's what I have so far


It's not much yet. But it will be. Oh-ho, it will be.
Although, I am debating using Michael. But who knows.

I mean it's really hard to write vows. Especially when I'm either 1) in a bad mood (because I'm at work) 2) in a bad mood (because I'm commuting) or 3) tired (because of work and commuting).

It's also really nerve wracking to realize that I've never spoken in front of 150ish people. I've never spoken in front of more than 30.

WAIT - that's totally a lie. I used to give speeches to registration participants at U of I...but I didn't write them. And they were informational.


We're planning to keep them secret from each other until the wedding day. But we're going to have my sister (Maid of Honor) read both of them beforehand. Let's face it, it would be really embarrassing if I wrote a short, goofy, but cute poem as my vows, and he wrote a page-long confession of his undying passion for me. I'd look like a real asshole. And that's just the sort of thing we would do.

This wedding is coming up fast, and I. Am. Terrified


  1. Don't worry! You will make it through. Although it is easier for me to say that as we didn't have any vows for us!

    Try writing when you have just finished your dinner or had you evening coffee after returning from work - those times are the best for me to write. Of course hubby has to take care of the dinner then!

    I loved the cards you made! Specially the Owl one - reminded me of Harry Potter & the I Vant your blood one - reminded me of Van Helsing!

  2. Those cards are so cute and creative! Don't worry about your vows, just write from the heart. I call my BF, Michael in times of seriousness/lovey-ness and Mike when I'm like "Get your coat on, let's go MIIIIIIKE!"

  3. I love your cards! I'm still plugging away at my wedding scrapbook almost a year after the wedding.

    In my opinion, I think Michael is the better fit for vows. Is the officiant going to say "Do you Michael? or Mike? take Ashley...."

    Also, with your vows, I can understand being nervous. But think of it as not making a speech, but as just talking to Mike. During my wedding, everyone else seemed to fade they weren't there. Just remember to speak loudly (it might sound like you're shouting at Mike, so everyone can hear you in the church and on the video if you have one.....unless you're miked up. Maybe have someone sit in the back at rehearsal while you talk to see if they can hear you?

    It will all be over before you know it and you'll be able to enjoy your husband! They're a wonderful thing...husbands....*sigh*

  4. I love those cards! The vampire one is cute :)

    How exciting that your wedding is so close... don't be nervous - it will definitely be one of the best days of your life! I wish I had advice on the vows thing, but my husband and I just used some we liked that we found online. I do like the idea of using Michael instead of Mike though.



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