Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New name

I changed my blog name. I am no longer "onward and upward" a name i choose quickly out of necessity. Now, as "Sound of Silent" I match my url.

On the topic of school - as if I haven't beaten this dead horse already - I'm not sure I'm going to go. Don't get me wrong, I WANT to. But I don't think we can afford it. Financially, it is not a good time. We want to focus on buying a house and getting settled after the wedding. Plus - I want to see if there are more opportunities out there...someday.

In another life, I was really good at my jobs, all of them. I was a leader! I motivated people! I was always a standout employee, and advancement was always in my future. But here, I'm still good at my job...but how good can you really be at entering data? Apparently I am efficient? Gross. Gross. Gross. Here, there's no room for advancement, and if you are REALLY good at your job, they don't reward you because they have to pay you more. Too many people have gotten screwed by being good workers and trying for a promotion.

I want the opportunity to be promoted. To earn what I make, and feel like I deserve a raise. To be able to take pride in my work, and to really own what I do. Sorry, but entering data into Excel spreadsheets just won't cut the mustard.

Something will come along eventually, I'm sure. I just need to get as far away from sales as possible.

On another note: I'm a lazy piece of crap. HA! I was supposed to do the Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred DVD last night, but when I got home, it looked like my Netflix hadn't arrived, so I started putting together dinner. Two seconds later, my dad gets TODAY's mail and puts it on the counter - and there was Jillian. By this point, I was already mentally prepared to have dinner and be lazy. So I proceeded to be lazy.
Oh well, its the 1st of the month. I'll start today.

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  1. I was thinking along the same lines too... Working and getting a promotion.

    I want to be promoted but at the same job, I love my job and wouldn't change it for anything! But damn it I want a promotion/salary increase this year!!



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