Thursday, April 2, 2009

Working on my fitness

Oh. Em. Gee.
Jillian Michaels is horrible. I can't stand her. Anything about her. However, she knows what she's talking about.

Mike and I did the Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred last night and we were dying. About to puke on the floor while crying for mercy type of dying. Today, we are sore, but not completely destroyed. We're doing it again tonight. Whoo. Working on our fitness.

I'm feeling healthy these days. I've got 1 day of working out under my belt (it's a new month!), and about 30 food blogs on my Google Reader. I'm IN LOVE with food blogs. Especially the ones with the beautiful pictures and unexpected recipes. It makes me more excited to move into a house where I have a kitchen. I'm all sorts of jazzed about making dinner and treats and going to the grocery store and having a well stocked pantry!

I just wish there were more accessible farmer's markets in the area. That would be a dream come true! Flea markets too. Fun.

I'm trying to be more optimistic about life (and I think my 1 day of exercise is helping). I'm almost entirely sure I'm not going to school next year. Bummer. But I need to be financially secure before I can do that. I have to weather this economic storm the best I can (even if that means staying here and entering data), and when everything levels out, I can go from there.

I applied for a position at McDonald's (corporate). A Media Production Specialist. Which sounds like (from the description) a glorified Administrative Assistant. However corrupt McDonald's is, they have excellent benefits, and they do a lot of charity work. Don't judge me! Ahhh!

I'm going out to lunch to fill the empty void that our weekly meetings leaves in my heart.


  1. I don't judge you poorly, I judge you positively. I think a job at a major player like that is a real amazing thing. Good luck on it!

  2. I am not having fun at my big corporation job. I hate it so much that I think Friday might be my last day (depending on if I get the job at Joe's on Monday.) It is so degrading to work where I do...not because it's Walmart, but because the supervisors talk down to us and make us do a silly Walmart cheer everyday. After 3 days of working there I feel like a beaten dog.

    I hope McDonald's is better for you and good luck on your application!!!

  3. ok, right now i'm craving mcdonald's vanilla soft serve cones, so there will be no judging here:) good luck with your applications!



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