Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Girl Crush Edition

I think Johnny Weir is wonderful.
From this goddamn performance:

Originally this video was shared by Jamie via Vermicious Knid

to the poise and grace he exuded here:

I <3 him

I also have the mad hots for Christina Hendricks

I think she is the most stunning working actress in Hollywood.
(Nerd glasses! From here)

I especially like her because she is married to this guy:

Also. I've been watching 16 and Pregnant and in every episode the producers (I'm assuming) have a friend of the pregnant girl ask, "So, did you guys, like, use condoms" and the pregnant girl always says no. And goes on to explain that they'd never gotten pregnant before, so why would they get pregnant now?! I'm relying on Rachelle to educate our youth.

Honestly, though, it's infuriating and it breaks my heart when these girls genuinely believe that these boys (they're children!) are going to magically turn into the Prince Charmings that they keep rooting for. And it infuriates me when these boys still act like children when they have a baby on they way. Where are their parents? Why haven't taught them to be men?


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