Thursday, September 3, 2009


I do this every. single. year.
When my hair gets to a ponytail-able length, I get antsy to cut it.

Last October I cut it like this:

Before that, it looked like this:

Personally I think I look like this when my hair is long:

But the thing is, it's never been longer than the 2nd picture - so I'm curious about how it would be to have loooong floooowing hair.
How curious? Obviously not curious enough. I wasn't curious enough to grow it out for the why bother now?

In reality - as long as I can pull it back, I will. My hair is SUPER thick and takes forever to blow dry. So styling it in the morning isn't a realistic option (I already get up at 5am-ish). And to be perfectly honest, I'm weird about my hair, and if it doesn't look nice, then I feel like a total schlub.

I think I'm trying to talk myself into it.
To talk myself into this haircut:

I've always love this haircut. I've never had super-super short hair.
Maybe I want a new haircut to go with my new house, new last name and new job?
I'll wear lots of earrings!

Any thoughts? What looks better? I can't judge for myself.


  1. You have the kind of hair that can pull off any look. I think the really short hair would look very cute, but you definitely don't look like that dog when your hair is long! That cracked me up.

  2. You have an oval face so anything would look good on you! Both long and short looked great. The dog analogy is so not true, lol!

    I'm like you - I always go back and forth between short and long, and right now I have long hair and have realized that when you have the right haircut, long hair is super fun. Plus, I think I have a small head so when I have short hair that might get accentuated :(

    Anyways - I also think you have a delicate enough chin to pull off a pixie cut - not many people can!

  3. The dog analogy is not true at all! I think you look cute with either short or long. I wish I could pull off short hair but it doesn't work with my face shape :/ I think the cut in the picture is super cute!

  4. I do the same thing when mine is long, it's so think and so heavy it just gets pulled back and I end up with headaches, but I think it looks cute either way, no dog look for sure! I say cut it short, it always grows back!!!

  5. Go for it. I'd have a TERRIBLE time trying to style short hair...I tried bangs...they looked fine - IF I took the time to fix them. That's where it all went wrong. I've had a hair clip on top of my head for MONTHS...waiting for them to grow out.

  6. i like the hair in the first picture :)



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