Friday, September 18, 2009

I love...

Since I'm in a hideous mood - seriously, I almost started crying on my way to work, and I can't pinpoint a reason why - I'm going to tell you what makes me happy. Are you ready? Get AMPED!

1) Senseo Coffee Makers.
I'm not a coffee snob, by any means, so I'm not sure if the coffee is even quality, but I think it is delicious. It makes one cup at a time, and does so very quickly. I would cry without it, and I probably would have died in a fiery car accident because I would have fallen asleep behind the wheel. (Oh man, I'm getting negative.) For realzies - I love Senseo

2) Target's clothing.
I love cotton, solid color tshirts. More than anything. Especially in black.

3) Garage sales.
Where else can I get this bookshelf for $35!?

(originally from Ikea for $160)

4) Echo Home Inspection
They wrapped up the inspection on our house (Thank God) and everything is A-OK. Yay. They were so nice, and made a huge effort to accommodate our messed up water situation. (Thanks for that, bank. Assholes)

5) TaraSG
Dude! Thanks for the award!

In keeping with the award here are 10 things about me (I didn't use the premade list - I needed a distraction, so I made up 10)
1. I don't like sunshine. I'm suuuuper pale, and 10 minutes in the sun is enough to burn. I prefer overcast and stormy days
2. My dearest ambition is to be a respected member of my community - good mom, cool wife, hard worker, volunteer, etc etc.
3. I wish I remembered more of our wedding. It was a huge blur, but I know I had an awesome time.
4. I love celebrity gossip. It's a horrible, dirty habit - but i don't caaaare. It's deliciously distracting.
5. Boy howdy, I've learned lately that I don't like being wrong, and I don't like being called out. Thanks, marriage, for bringing that to my attention.
6. Mike and I have a grand plan to start this amazing life once we move. Exercise, eating right, saving money, creating stuff for our etsy shop, using the library.
7. I love hydrangeas, lilacs, alstroemeria, and spider mums

8. Mike
When I'm sad, he's sad. He tries his best to make me feel better, but sometimes a girl's gotta wallow

(Mike and the flower girl)

9. My google reader has over 1000+ unread items this very minute. I don't think I will ever catch up, but trying to gives me something to do.
10. Blogging has saved my sanity.

And now I bestow this to you melina, katrina kay, BinB, Dharma Drama, and Callina

EDIT - Add Kolehart. Fill this out, dude.


  1. Nice! Totally agree with overcast skies...I used to live in a odd little pocket of California that never saw the sun...and you definitely appreciate it more when it did peek out. But hey, maybe think about a Vitamin D supplement? ;)

  2. Yay!!! And same with the lady above, I do love sunshine (Denver has pleeeeenty of it that I got very used to), but oh my. I had forgotten how lovely thunderstorms in the Midwest are. They are my favorite. I'm also thinking about moving to Seattle and everyone asks *but won't you hate all the rain?* and really, it rains more in Chicago that Seattle, they just have more misty days. And I love misty :)

  3. Hey! This is ahlemon- I didn't have a blog before, but you've motivated me to start one! Please do check it out- I'll try to post a lot soon so there's fun stuff to read. Also, you know why I would be happy if I were you? You're getting a HOUSE! That's amazing!

  4. I hate those kinds of moods. I always try to write about what I'm thankful for. Also - my boyfriend wants one of those Senseo coffeemakers. Someday when I'm rich (or making more money than right now) I intend to buy it for him. :) Hope you're feeling better now that it's the weekend.




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