Monday, September 7, 2009

1. Start an etsy shop.

I'm IN PROGRESS with #1 on my 101 in 1001 list, and I am thrilled about it.

Last night Mike and I set up and designed a banner for our Etsy shop.

We've always been excited about the name Wolv's Porridge (we want to run the shop together), and talked about a banner/logo, but never settled on anything. Then last night, at Cheesecake Factory, we started scribbling on napkins, and came up with the concept for the hooded Wolf.

And I'm in love with it.
No...there's nothing for sale, and nothing listed. But there will be. OH THERE WILL BE!
Soon. We hope.

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Awesome! I added you as a favorite on Etsy. :)


  2. Can't wait to see what kind of stuff you guys put up there! The wolf looks really good!

  3. I like it! I am starting an Etsy shop soon too (I think) so I'm excited to hear about your experience with it all.

  4. OMG the banner is amazing!! I'm excited to see what you put up :)



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