Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I am thankful...
1) For Little Dog Maddie. She provides us with endless entertainment, and unconditional love. Even though she does take up more than her fair share of the bed.

2) That we are buying a house 100% on our own. No financial help from anyone, our parents aren't guiding the process. We're buying a house like adults do - with a Realtor, a lawyer, and a broker.

3) That Mike and I have the same friends, and have had the same friends since we were 15 (or younger). We grew up together...with them. It makes life infinitely easier, and so much more comfortable.

4) For my parents not being furious with us for squatting in their house. Their generosity has been INSANE, and we wouldn't be able to buy the house without it.

5) That it is almost Friday. The weekend is screaming my name.

6) For my job. It pays the bills, and my coworkers are great. I am gainfully employed in a down economy, so I can't get more thankful than that.

7) That Mike is excited to have kids. Not at this very moment, but the thought of having our own babeh is exciting. He's as thrilled as I am, and we are on the same page.


  1. Those are all great things to be thankful for.

  2. This is an awesome list Ashley!

    I HAD to laugh on the #5!! I am on the same page as you are! And also on #6 :-)

    Thanks for the corn maze link. My day was definitely made better :-)

  3. Ashley, just saw your comment over at Our Little Apartment and wanted to check you out--I like your blog! I also married my high school sweetheart, and we also recently bought a house, and weirdly enough we're also thinking about starting an Etsy shop together...(your banner is way cool). So I had to say hi!

  4. I think tha's funny...Burger King girl gives you a sign...I do that - think I'm getting signals from random things and people...



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