Monday, September 14, 2009

I suck at exercising restraint

So I totally know that I said that getting a haircut was in the far off distance, but that was before I picked up the most recent issue of Real Simple, and they had THIS haircut in there:

(image from Real Simple)

Strike me where I stand, because that is the most fabulous hairstyle I've ever encountered in my short life.

They even included three ways to wear it!
(image from Real Simple)
How can I even pretend to resist that?
I need to quit lamenting my hair (but, Boy Howdy - it looks ridiculous today), but this cut makes me want to change my life. It makes me want to run a marathon, study philosophy, stop swearing, save the rainforest, and wear fancy shoes.

On a totally unrelated note: How about Kayne West last night? Way to act really classy.
Jumping on stage, grabbing the microphine and stealing glory from Taylor Swift, a 19 year old, first time VMA winner. Awesome.


  1. Love that haircut!

    Ugh, Kanye West is a huge jerk for what he did to poor Taylor!

  2. That haircut is so adorable! I love the big picture and the third way of wearing the style.

    I couldn't get over how douchey Kanye was last night. I was glad he was escorted out after his tirade.

  3. I wish I had the guts to get a haircut like that!

    I'm glad Beyonce was super classy and gave Taylor her moment :)

  4. Um, I love your blog. As a woman in my twenties who is going back to school to be a teacher (you could do it too!) I find your writings to be a welcome break from otherwise boring days :-)

  5. it looks kinda high maintenance XD



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