Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dry skin?

So I've ditched my old face wash in favor of something gentler. I grabbed Pond's Cold Cream from Target, and I'm in love.

It has a total of something like 6 ingredients, and it's super gentle. Neutrogena dried my face out like WHOA. Pond's is pretty kickass, although, taking of my mascara still remains a challenge.

I was talking to Mike last night on the way home from work, and I CANNOT WAIT until I am a certified teacher. And he is a certified teacher. I think I can safely say that within 5 years we should both be on board. I hope.


  1. Wow I had a love hate relationship with Ponds... My mom used to force me to put it on my face to combat dry skin and I had greasy face all day long.

    I have come to hate the signature smell of that!!

  2. yea neutrogena is the worst!! the only thing i've found that works for me is proactiv. it's expensive but worth it for saving me the embarrassment of looking like a pizza face. lol

  3. Mary Kay Eye Makeup Remover. By far the best I have ever used, no burning .. and works like a charm!



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