Friday, March 20, 2009

Who bashes into a parked car?

Last night, all I wanted to do was eat dinner than go into the basement to watch The Office. It was a terrible day (nothing dramatic happened), and I was in my dark place ('ll explain my dark place in a moment). Mike and I finish eating, 8pm rolls around, and Michael Scott, Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley join the party. Literally, 5 minutes into the show my mom leans downstairs and goes
"Michael...your car has been hit, you need to come upstairs"


Mike's car was parked on the street in front of our house. And it was hit? Let me clarify, we live in the suburbs. You don't come down our street unless you are going to, or coming from one of the houses in the neighborhood. The speed limit is 25mph, and it is not a high traffic area.

Mike thought she was joking, and I didn't really want to get up, because I figured someone had just bumped his car. But I got up anyway, and when I get upstairs my sister is telling me that my dad said to call 911. And again, I'm all "what. the. fuck?"

We go outside, and this bastard didn't just bump anything. HE BASHED INTO MIKE'S CAR. The front of this guy's car is TOTALED. His airbags went off. A totally gnarled mess.

Everyone was fine. 911 was called, just for the police. But an ambulance AND a firetruck came. It was quite the spectacle. The guy who hit our car was only a kid, 18 years old. The worst part? He was coming from a neighbors house...4 houses down. It is a COMPLETE mystery to me how he managed to get ENOUGH speed to do THAT MUCH damage in such a short distance.

The police (Matt Maninio was there!) confirmed he wasn't drunk or high. We think he was leaving a friends's house, trying to show off and gunning the car. His new car. His new manual transmission car that he just learned how to drive, and his brakes locked up and he bashed into Mike's car.

Luckily, Mike's car has minimal damage. The rear bumper is a little janked up, and a piece of it broke off, and his exhaust has part of the other kid's car jammed into it. I hope to b able to take it in today and get it taken care of this weekend.

It was absolutely the last thing I wanted to deal with last night. And I didn't even get to watch The Office.


  1. I can't imagine how anyone could do that & that too without being drunk!!

  2. Oh man, what a dumb ass kid! Good thing everyone was ok and that Mike's car wasn't messed up too bad.

  3. What a dumbass kid! Good thing that no one was hurt and that Mike's car wasn't messed up too bad.



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