Friday, March 27, 2009

Too many balls?

I feel like I've got too many balls in the air, and I'm juggling badly. My life feels very messy or sloppy or disorganized. It's perpetually frustrating.

I feel like I can't manage the wedding, and go to work, and keep our room (hah, how sad, just a room!?) clean, and pay attention to the dog, and keep in touch with friends, and continue to SEARCH for a new job, and look for a house, and get my paperwork ready for RooseveltU, and keep the bills paid, and have a functioning relationship with Mike all at the same time. It's adult life, yeah. But it's daunting.

I like to feel like I have all of my ducks in a row. I wish I had more time to manage. Hopefully this feeling will faaaaade once the wedding comes to a conclusion, and we're honeymooning away.

Speaking of weddings! Exciting! One of my friends got engaged last night. I think I'm more thrilled about her wedding than I am about my own.
(I'm just burned out on mine. I can't wait for it to be here, so I'll be married)
Unfortunately, I can't keep my mouth shut and I'm already giving her unsolicited advice.
Well, I'm trying to keep my opinion out of it, but I want to share my wedding resources, websites and things that helped me to sort through the whole process.
Overstepping my bounds? Probably. But, it's what I do.

I now have a total of 10 followers. That's big news! I'm really excited that you guys are interested (or at least are pretending to be) in what I have to say. Thank you, I genuinely appreciate it!

I think the biggest function of this blog, currently, is that it is an exercise in looking on the bright side. I realize that NO ONE wants to read my sad-sack, Debbie Downer nonsense. Occasionally, sure, it's warranted. But, it's more fun to read about others' successes.

On a totally unrelated closing note, I heard a snippet of Ozzy Osbourne's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel last night and he sounded AWESOME. Now, I never knew anything about Ozzy until their show The Osbournes, but he always sounded so messed up. It was really sad. But last night! He sounded great. Totally understandable, no slurring. He made clever comments and had witty comebacks, and I was very excited to hear it.

Also - I love Ikea. If I could live there, I would.


  1. Oh I totally know what you mean about the juggling act. There are never enough hours in the day to give each aspect of your life the time it deserves it seems! During my 2 years of grad school I definitely think my marriage suffered, but now that that stress has gone away, things are the best they've ever been.

    So don't worry - things will start falling into place eventually. Besides, having too many balls can build character I guess, right?

  2. IKEA LOVE!!!!

    being an adult=suck.

    feeling the pain on the messy room. if one thing is left out or out of place then the hole room is a wreck.

    Chin up! The best is yet to come (we're going on 7 months here)

  3. Weddings take a lot out of you. Even when you're not planning something, you're planning something. You're constantly doing something at every stage...even if it's just thinking about it. I got the same way in the last few months.



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