Monday, March 9, 2009

New life?

So I spent most of my day at work reading blogs. I've thrown myself into this blogging thing so wholeheartedly that it has quickly become an obsession, and I have spent far too much time on the interweb.

On the topic of work. I need a new job. Pronto. I can't enter data anymore. I feel my braincells melting. Not to mention the agonized screaming coming from the student loans I wasted on a BA in English. Really? Entering data, with no room for advancement? Great.

Additionally, my boss thinks she's coming to my wedding. Don't get me wrong, she's a wonderful lady, but, the wedding has already morphed into an unruly beast. If I started involving my work-world in the wedding, then I might explode. The wedding itself might explode. My father might rob a bank.

On the topic of the wedding...I can't wait for it to be over. I am so excited to be married. But the's just so very consuming.
More importantly, once the wedding is over, then we can focus on moving into a place of our own. A condo, or townhome, or apartment. (Backstory: we moved in with my parents around Christmas, intending to stay until after the wedding on May 30 in order to save up for a down payment.) The thought of having a place where we can STAY for over a year, that is entirely our own makes me quiver with joy.

A screened in porch! No bugs! I can grow plants! I can read when the weather is nice!

A BUILT IN BOOKSHELF. A HUGE built in bookshelf.

I want to buy the damn condo for these two features alone. PLUS a fireplace!

Now. Let me be clear. I haven't even SEEN the place. Like, in real life. I'm putting all my love-eggs in one basket. Hopefully this place is as lovely as the pictures suggest. There's another condo in the same complex that is bigger, and less expensive, but it needs more work.

Tomorrow...I get waxed.
Mike gets back from FL on Wednesday.
Friday, I'm supposed to go to a concert with Rache at the Vic.
Saturday is the bridal shower, and I feel like I shouldn't go out?

However, I'm a 23 year old grandma lady who doesn't do anything. I should go.


  1. "However, I'm a 23 year old grandma lady who doesn't do anything."

    I am too. I rarely do anything other than the grandma lady type of activities.

    Nice to meet you! You're getting married on the same day as one of my old friends.

    Good luck checking out a condo. My husband and I lived with his father for a little while, so from personal experience, I highly recommend getting your own place as soon as possible after the wedding. :)

    (This is valerie @, by the way. openID fails 3/4 of the time, so I have to use my google account to comment.)

  2. congrats on your upcoming wedding. I am getting married in September and my guest list is scary!!

  3. we should be friends, i like you :)


    grandmas unite!



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