Monday, March 9, 2009

Zombie LaLohan?

I had the strangest dream on Saturday night. It was one of those dreams that occurs right before you wake up, and feels like hours pass.

In this dream, we were walking along this grassy path, all the grass was dead. I don't even know who the "WE" were, but there were a bunch of us. It was very much like Lost, meets 5th Element.
There was this woman, who had horns like these:

All of a sudden she stopped dead in her tracks because the horn had grown, and stabbed her in the skull. It wasn't gross, or bloody or even that disturbing. It was a very matter-of-fact sort of situation. So were like "bummer, dude." then kept walking.

We walk along this path and see Lindsay Lohan, in this wire coffin thing, and she's dead. Not breathing, very clearly dead. So we gave her a "burial", of sorts, by throwing her and the wire coffin into the lake. We start walking over this bridge, and I look back to the lake to see the sinking Lohan and coffin, and her leg starts kicking. So I'm all "Oh, fuck", realizing that she's coming back from the dead and gonna be PISSED.

Well, the bridge we were crossing led us into Las Vegas (my dreams are bizarre), and I'm all of a sudden dressed to go to a club. I see Zombie Lohan, with an entourage, wearing red lipstick, and I get the fuck out of there. Also, it was snowing.

Then I woke up. It's pretty anti-climactic, but it was insane

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