Tuesday, March 24, 2009

looking up!

Things are looking up!

Mike's car situation seems like it's going to be taken care of by the other guy's insurance. Unfortunately, this is still tentative.

I have a meeting with a Roosevelt adviser on April 2nd to determine whether I am going to be in the Fast Track program.

Mike and I are starting to get some idea of where we want to live. We're hoping to look at a few houses this weekend. We did a couple drive-bys last weekend, and found a sweet area filled with townhouses. Our mortgage lady is wonderful.

There is still some bad news - I'm having trouble fitting into my pants. Sigh. Not too badly, but the waistbands are a little snug. I have two months until the wedding, I can make some progress by then, right? Sure!

The wedding stuff is starting to wrap up. We spent last Sunday hiding out and finishing the programs, and a couple other projects. Now we just need to get them printed and assembled.

We need make a few musical selections, too. That's going to be tough.

AND - I need to figure out how I'm going to wear my hair.

I am yet undecided. Plus my hair is pretty short, so I'm limited on options. I might as well just curl it and pin it back and see what happens. HA!

Also - on the topic of weddings - I had a dream last night that we were having the wedding at my parents' house, and RIGHT before it was supposed to start I realized that I hadn't written my vows yet. So, 2 minutes before the ceremony, I was scrambling to write down my deepest confessions of love, and a series of lifelong promises. It was VERY stressful. Then my dad started yelling at me. I was also wearing a short dress, with black tights and black ballet slippers.

It was very strange, but it also sets off the first (of what I'm told will be MANY) wedding dreams.


  1. I love that hairstyle. Very pretty!

  2. When I got married my hair was barely down to my shoulders, and I ended up having the stylist just curl it and pin it back down towards the nape of my neck and it looked like I had so much more hair than I actually did! So don't worry - short hair is definitely workable for weddings :)

    Oh btw, I just started reading your blog :)

  3. I love that hair. adore it. It is a better version of what I did for my wedding. Good luck deciding!

  4. Wedding dreams suck. You'll have them ALL the time.n Most of mine were of me forgetting something or something going horribly wrong. I now dream about houses. I find my perfect house and it's affordable and then I wake up. Or we sign a lease and then we find something very wrong. More of like a nightmare! I've also started having baby dreams. I have a baby and it's misshapen or it looks weird. I think the more you stress the more frequent and weirder the dreams.

  5. that hair style is cute! i want to do your hair for the wedding!! (seriously.) *smiles*

    weir d dream. remember, it's just a dream though. no sweat.

    thanks for stopping by my blog. more *smiles*



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